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North Hills Homes & 房地产-罗利

查看今天的北山待售房屋 & Raleigh real estate below. North Hills is one of the premier spots to live or move to in Raleigh. 位于北部 belt 开车很短就到 downtown Raleigh, North Hills offers a great variety of residential homes, condos, townhomes, and apartments. For additional information about North Hills properties for sale or to arrange a private home tour, contact MG官方电子平台今天的mg游戏专家!

目前的房地产统计的房屋在北山 October 28, 2023

考虑在北山买房? Call 919-249-8536 联系你当地的mg游戏团队, for comprehensive help in the North Hills real estate market.



North Hills is one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in Raleigh. 方便前往克拉布特里购物中心, Glenwood, and downtown Raleigh, 很棒的餐厅和夜生活, North Hills is one of the premier neighborhoods in Raleigh. North Hills is located just North of Downtown Raleigh and outside of the beltline.

如果你要搬到罗利, North Hills is definitely an area you are going to want to check out! With so many great housing options, things to do, and a great atmosphere it's one of Raleigh's best! Raleigh Real Estate is a great value, and North Hills is one of the fastest-growing areas in Raleigh!

北山的房子一直在稳步升值, 尤其是最近几个月,在一个美好的春天之后. The homes are selling for almost 10% more in June than they were in April. Looking at homes for sale in North Hills you'll want to make sure you have a Realtor who is going to save you money when buying a home. If you're selling a home in North Hills, our Realtors can sell it fast and for the most money.


在北山有很多不错的住房选择, 大量的建筑商都在关注这个地区. The most recent developments have been new apartment buildings, shopping centers, and more. This is because of the influx of people moving to the North Hills. The large population growth contributes to the need for new homes.

如果你在罗利地区找 新建房地产,在罗利有很多伟大的新发展. These new homes and communities bring with them a great neighborhood and lifestyle for those in North Hills.


If you're looking for luxury homes for sale in North Hills, there are a lot of great options! You're going to want to make sure you buy in one of the best locations in Raleigh, 北山就是其中之一! The education, growth, business, and overall economic heartbeat of North Hills makes it a great bet for future growth and appreciation.

The high-end real estate in Raleigh gives a lot of buyers an opportunity to buy, 看着他们的房子升值. Some of the contributing factors to home appreciation include location, local community, economy, 人口增长. 

There are many mistakes buyers make when purchasing real estate, so make sure you don't make any of these尤其是在购买豪宅时! To help, we have put together a guide to buying high priced homes.


There is a lot of fun activities going on in the North Hills area of Raleigh, North Carolina. Between festivals, live music concerts, and eating, North Hills Raleigh offers a great amount of fun! There are a ton of live performances and musical concerts in the North Hills area, 特别是在北山购物中心. Check out all the events and things to do on the North Hills calendar here!

If you enjoy an area where this always something going on, 北山提供各种各样的活动, fine dining, 当地的活动,比如海滩音乐节, 还有一些罗利最好的餐厅. 在这里你可以找到更多关于房地产的信息, homes for sale, 和北山一般的社区信息!

There is always something going on in North Hills whether it's the Thursday Beach Music Festivals or a night out at some of Raleigh's best restaurants and bars.

If you're moving to Raleigh 北山是一个你绝对要去看看的地方. Between the great schools in North Hills and things to do it is one of the prime locations in Raleigh. The easy access to Glenwood South, Cameron Village and downtown Raleigh provides a great convenience for those who live in North Hills. The entire North Raleigh area 总的来说提供了一种很棒的生活方式!

北山罗利的天际线是美丽的! 看看下面的照片吧.

North Hills History

北山是罗利的好地方. The area is located in midtown Raleigh and is fileld with economic growth, opportunity, 还有新的发展. The common areas in the shopping center are typically filled with live performances, entertainment, and farmers markets. The area in North Hills started with a grand opening in 1960. The mall was one of the first to ever have air conditioning and it was a main attraction for the Raleigh community.

The mall had two floors and was designed in a simple rectangular shape. 以J.C. 彭尼、艾维和伍尔沃斯的销量迅速增长.

In 2004, 北山购物中心正式盛大开幕, 由Kane Realty翻新, opened to holiday lights and a live performance by the North Carolina Symphony. An underground parking deck was added to the mall as a part of the many features the new North Hills Mall brought to the table. From fitness centers, to shopping, 寻找餐饮和现场表演, 北山购物中心应有尽有!

The history of the North Hills Mall was not all pleasant as in 1972 there was a sniper shooting that many believed to be a targeted attack on Senator Jordan. 后来发现枪手, Harvey McLeod, 是用狙击手随意射击吗. The sniper hid